Heart of a Knight by Barbara Samuel

Lord Thomas is a mysterious knight with a secret that could cost him his life. A giant of a man, both in stature and heart, Thomas is smitten by the king’s cousin, Elizabeth de Auvers, who fled her castle during the plague and returned to find it thriving, thanks to Thomas. Elizabeth finds herself powerfully drawn to him, even as she wonders what he is hiding. 

This was a great freebie I picked up in the iBookstore romance section. I love a good romance, historical even more so. Ms Samuel has a gift for describing angst, I tell you. 

The people in this book are secretive, guilt ridden, and tricky. Very enjoyable. Good, uncomplicated books like this give me time to relax and escape into another world. This one was intricately built. Not to the point where it became an issue ... the descriptions didn't interfere with my own imagination, but there was enough to paint an authentic picture. 

Lord Thomas was a great lead character. I enjoyed imagining him in all his glory. I'm pleased when authors allow themselves to bring dialect into prose (I know some people don't like it). There is just enough in Thomas' dialogue to solidify his character. Lady Elizabeth is interesting. In the beginning a genuine snob, a favored cousin to the King, who ends up reformed by an inspiring peasant at the end of the story.

However, I honestly thought it was too long. The middle dragged, and by the time the end came about I was resigned to him getting his head chopped off just so it would end, and people would stop suffering. 

Lovely cover, well written, a solid 3 skulls. 

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