I, Witch by Erin Munday

Meagan is hallucinating a gorgeous guy in her shower and at work. While entertaining, she can’t control it. If he’s not just some random daydream, but is a real person sending her visions; then who is he? And why is he doing this? And how does he know her name? She also must find a way to handle being a witch serving a powerful goddess, whose agenda doesn’t coincide with Meagan’s...

Oh! A rare find. I was bored, not sure what to read next, and so I opened this up, and by god, I must have a "pick a good book randomly" compass because this was so great! 
Another amazing read hidden under a mediocre cover. So, Megan (lead protag) is quirky, cute and real. Now, I see that many may not quite get this book, as the main character speaks as she thinks and thinks as she speaks. Again, you have to find your own way through the puzzles and clues that are in the prose, and in the characters actions. No hand holding here!

The book is set out over a week, and I adore how Megan just gets straight down to business and reasons out the supernatural oddities going on around her. She meets this guy and within hours she has him sussed out. Watches how he reacts, how he moves, his facial expressions and what kind of person that makes him. Never have I read so much inner monologue and not wanted to slam my head against a brick wall.

The only reason I ditch a star is because Megan does let Lucien (romantic interest) trample on her one too many times before she takes him in hand. I recommend this for a lazy Sunday afternoon under the duvet with a cup of tea.

4 skulls genius!

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