Karma & Melodies by Katie Salidas

Kendra used to spend her days organizing events for Café Enigma while daydreaming about Marcus, the sexy lead singer of Normal Paradox. But all those dreams of becoming Mrs. Rock Star died, along with her mortality, the moment Hector entered her life. He tricked her and seduced her into becoming a vampire, stealing Kendra away from Marcus forever. Ten torturous years later; however, Kendra finds a way to escape Hector and is reunited with her lost love, Marcus. Now that she's found him she doesn't want to let him go. But, whispered threats from Hector begin invading her dreams. He's tracking her down, and she can feel it. He's a true monster, capable of unspeakable horrors, and Kendra knows what he will do if he catches them. She'll have to make a choice: stay and fight for the man she's always loved, or protect him by leaving and keeping Marcus off of Hector's radar?

Short. Sexy. Sweet. This novella is not bad at all. The vampire lore focuses mainly on the drug like influences vampire blood can have on a human. Don't expect a lot of detail into the intricacies of being a vampire, I would say this is a romance with a supernatural slant as opposed to a fantasy book with romance. I
 enjoyed the musical focus in the story line. Musicians do have this odd, sexual allure (even the ugly ones), don't they? I loved the fact this strong, immortal vampire was pretty much a groupie for this band, and had the hots for the front man. It was a very... everyday human thing twisted into something else. 

In the beginning, Salidas portrayed the atmosphere of standing in the crowd of a buzzing concert, and the, "Oh my god he just touched my hand," excitement through Kendra wonderfully. And the ending is sweet leaving you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Here is my gripe. At times, things get tedious during the middle of the story. Kendra is very much hung up on the fact her Sire, Hector, seduced her, made her into little more then a blood junkie before he actually turned her, then made her life a living nightmare. Naturally, she does not want the same for Marcus, but the circumstances mean she does end up tying him to her, and she pretends to be all angst-y about it. But come on! A hot superstar you've loved deeply for ten years starts gagging for you, tells you he feels the same way as you did back then, and wants your blood, to be like you, and you're not secretly thrilled? You're not letting him drink you with a sad face whilst fist pumping the air in victory? No? Okay then. The character's morals are much more straightforward than mine.

In all seriousness, this book is not trying too hard. Good fun. A solid 3 skulls.

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